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New boutique location is stylin'

New boutique location is stylin'

DALLAS, Texas - It's not uncommon for HME providers to bill themselves as a one-stop shop, but the Women's Health Boutique has added another element: retreat.

The provider in October acquired a wig and hair salon in Plano that caters to cancer patients and survivors. They will fold it into one of their standard boutiques.

“We've been doing wigs forever, but now we'll have three licensed cosmetologists on staff,” said Crystal Tipton, regional manager. “We could fit them with their wigs but now we can style the wigs and personalize them.”

The Women's Health Boutique carries a full line of women's health products, like pre- and post-natal items, incontinence, compression therapy, skin care, wigs, turbans, pre- and post-breast surgery products, and, of course, pink ribbon items. The recovery salon will also carry specially selected hair and skin products.

Boutique stylists can also help when it comes time for patients to shave their heads—an often emotional experience, says Tipton. They can also help patients when their hair starts growing back.

“People are often surprised to find out that their hair is just not the same as it was beforehand,” she said. “People don't know what to do with it. They will be able to return to our salon where they will be able to get their hair (done) and get lots of tips and tricks.”

Also in October, Women's Health Boutique opened a third Dallas-area location, in Oak Cliff. That location is directly across from a large hospital in an underserved area.

“It's a real heavy Medicaid market,” said Vicki Jones, owner of the Women's Health Boutique. “It's a fabulous opportunity for us to serve women who have had nothing available to them.”


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