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New program ‘validates’ repair techs

New program ‘validates’ repair techs

ARLINGTON, Va. – RESNA and the DMERT Group are working on a new program to not only meet the growing demand for ATPs but also elevate the status of repair technicians. 

The two organizations announced in November that they’re teaming up on a new career pathway that will allow techs who hold DMERT Level 2 Repair Certificates to gain the training and necessary skills to successfully become ATPs. 

“We’re really looking at this program to help us identify who has the skills to be the best ATP and who has the skills to be the best technician,” said Matt Macpherson, executive director of the DMERT Group. “Some techs might go through the program and determine a tech role is better for them, but this will allow them to continue their professional development and feel more validated.” 

RESNA and the DMERT Group plan to host general information sessions about the program at ISS in Pittsburgh in January and the RESNA Conference in Arlington, Va., in July to raise awareness and drum up interest among techs. 

The two organizations, which are performing a gap analysis between the DMERT Level 2 Repair Certificate and the ATP certification to flesh out the program, expect to begin enrolling techs in the fall of 2022, with 20 to 30 expected in the first year. 

“We’re excited about having a cohort of ATPs who know and understand repairs,” said Andrea Van Hook, executive director of RESNA. “It’s a valuable background for someone who wants to become an ATP, and they’re going to be formidable ambassadors.” 

Macpherson approached RESNA about creating the new program about a year ago, after seeing a growing number of techs going through the DMERT Group’s training and certification process as a way to help them meet the eligibility and work requirements to become ATPs. 

“With so many employers desperately seeking new ATPs, I saw a trend of techs trying to move into ATP roles,” he said. “I thought, maybe we need a pathway that’s between the two.”


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