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New York: TwinMed becomes preferred vendor

New York: TwinMed becomes preferred vendor

SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif. - New York provider Dan DeSimone says he needs more details before he chooses TwinMed for incontinence products.

In June, TwinMed was awarded a $225 million preferred vendor contract for incontinence supplies for Medicaid beneficiaries in New York. Under the five-year contract, TwinMed has established minimum quality standards for adult and youth size diapers, and reduced costs, while maintaining the existing provider network, the state says.

“My approach is, wait until the dust settles,” said DeSimone, president and CEO of Continued Care in Long Island, N.Y. “I'm going to see where it goes, who starts using them, get some feedback and then decide how to approach it.”

While states like Illinois have issued RFPs to select a single supplier, New York providers will still be able to purchase incontinence products from other vendors as long as the products provided meet the established minimum quality standards.

For those who do decide to go with TwinMed, they can be sure they're using a product that's been approved by the state, says CEO Kerry Weems.

“They won't be subject to pre- or post-payment audits,” he said. “So by using our products, you'll know those products will be exempt from state audits.”

Another benefit with TwinMed: Providers don't have to maintain records, says Meyer Greenbaum, executive vice president of business development.

“Anybody that does not order from TwinMed has to maintain documentation on-site for a six-year period that will need to be produced when requested by the NY Department of Health or the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General,” he said.

Even if TwinMed offers better pricing, one New York provider says, it wouldn't be “feasible” to buy from them.

“We do not warehouse any incontinence inventory,” they said. “We drop ship directly from the supplier. Also, typically we are shipping enterals, urologicals or other medical supplies along with the incontinence supplies.”


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