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Newish year, newish me

Newish year, newish me

I like to play a game with Editor Liz to see how long it takes before I post a blog or she reminds me to. I guess it's more like a race? Hopefully, I'll win before our editors' meeting at 2 today.

I have the greatest of intentions. I write down blog ideas as they come to me—after a particularly interesting interview, office joke or life experience—and then I put the paper somewhere “safe.” Invariably, it's written down on the back of a business card or scratched on the corner of a random print out. That I've probably lost. Or thrown away.

In the event our office wins the Powerball tonight, my successor (I'll be on the first flight out of Portland in search of warmer climes) will find random scraps of scribble hidden in and around my desk area in manner of Emily Dickenson, minus the acclaim.

However, since that's less likely, I've decided to use another ineffective ploy: New Year's resolutions.

The best part: two birds, one stone—Now I have a blog about blogging more often! Very meta.

As with most of my former resolutions, I've announced it in a very public way to invoke shame, lest I go back on my word.

I'll let you know how it goes, but hopefully I'll win the Powerball tonight and we'll never have to find out.


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