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North Carolina: Problems linger with NC Tracks

North Carolina: Problems linger with NC Tracks

RALEIGH, N.C. - More than a year after its implementation, HME providers here are still grappling with problems created by the state's new Medicaid billing system.

“We've asked them to let us be involved in testing and fixing solutions,” said Laura Williard, senior director of reimbursement and contracting for High Point-based Advanced Home Care. “It's not something they are open to. We have been told we will slow down the process, but we don't want it fixed quickly; we want it fixed right.”

The system, NC Tracks, went live July 1, 2013.

The North Carolina Association of Medical Equipment Services (NCAMES) has identified five key issues, including the inability for providers to check for same or similar claims and the inability for the NC Tracks system to automatically process Medicare crossover claims.

“We're having to void off of NC tracks what comes in from Medicare, which is very time consuming, and rekey everything manually,” said Kim Lynn, HME operations manager for Carolina Apothecary in Reidsville.

Although Medicaid has slowly ironed out problems affecting physicians, dentists and other healthcare providers, HME providers say they aren't getting the same priority.

From the start, NCAMES has been working with Medicaid officials to try and resolve these issues. But a July 4 TV news report, in which a Department of Health and Human Services official said “a few” provider issues were addressed quickly, left providers frustrated.

“We're not one or two providers—we're an entire industry,” said Craig Rae, owner of Salisbury-based Penrod Medical Equipment. “It's been a year. That's not fixing things quickly.”


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