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NorthShore celebrates 20 years of dignity

NorthShore celebrates 20 years of dignity

GREEN OAKS, Ill. – When Adam Greenberg founded NorthShore Care Supply in 2002, he wanted to empower people like his father to live with the freedom and dignity they deserve. 

At the time, Greenberg’s father was battling brain cancer and started to lose control of his bladder. 

“Stores were often out of needed sizes at inconvenient times, and I could see that my father felt embarrassed and likely ashamed of needing diapers or pads,” said Greenberg, president and owner. “Home delivery through e-commerce seemed to solve most of these frustrations that millions of families deal with on a daily basis.” 

Since its inception, NorthShore ships all orders in unmarked boxes and has developed its own private label line over the last 10 years. 

Serving this market successfully takes patience, persistence and creativity, says Greenberg. While some in the incontinence market are cutting costs and making thinner products, NorthShore has developed super-premium, extreme absorbency products. 

“While our products are more expensive than the leading brands, our customers can greatly reduce leaks and changes, which greatly reduces worry, laundry and nighttime changes, while allowing patients to increase hydration, activities and skin health,” said Greenberg. 

At the same time, NorthShore is leading the effort to change the conversation around adult diapers to end the shame and stigma around incontinence. 

“Tens of millions of people ages 4 to 104 wear diapers every day,” said Greenberg. “They tell us their dream is that someday diapers will be viewed as just another form of underwear for those that need support. My dad was unable to say the word ‘diapers’ for this very reason. He called them pads but the shame was still there regardless, so I’ve dedicated myself to this cause." 



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