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Numotion embraces diversity on new level

Numotion embraces diversity on new level

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. – Numotion has adopted three strategic pillars to improve diversity and inclusivity at the company, following an initial panel discussion shortly after the death of George Floyd last year that was “eye opening.” 

Numotion’s goals: raise dialogue, increase awareness and facilitate change, says Adam Holton, chief human resources officer. 

“It was really eye opening for all our employees to hear firsthand the level of bias, negative stereotyping and in many cases outright racism that our teammates have faced and continue to face on a regular basis,” he said of the initial panel discussion. 

Since that discussion, Numotion has hosted a second panel discussion and has initiated numerous dialogues across the company, some led by CEO Mike Swinford and Holton, and others led by company leaders at various levels. 

Numotion also has a D&I Council comprised of Swinford and the entire leadership team that meets monthly to prioritize efforts, support employees and monitor progress. 

“Those dialogues are now more woven into the fabric of our operating calendar, such that we have one every couple of months tied to various facets of D&I,” Holton said. 

Holton says Numotion has made great strides in meeting its first two pillars – raising dialogue and increasing awareness – but its third pillar, facilitating change, is an ongoing process. 

“Over the last year, our employees have shown tremendous courage, respect and empathy in entering into discussions around D&I that many would shy away from,” he said. “As an organization, we have benefitted so much from gaining better awareness and perspective of each other and the unique backgrounds we all come from. We have more work to do in translating that all the way to our third pillar. We are proud of the changes we have facilitated in the last 10 months, but this is a journey with no destination, and we know there is still important work in front of us.” 

Holton says Numotion’s business will be better off for its efforts, which also include hiring and promoting more people with disabilities and ensuring racial, ethnic, sexual orientation and other diversity categories are well represented in key roles. 

“Almost every study ever done on D&I supports the notion that diverse companies that are reflective of their customer base can better serve their customers and get better returns,” he said. 


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