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Numotion joins e-commerce ranks

Numotion joins e-commerce ranks ĎThere has to be a different way for people to access these products and this is the first step for usí

ROCKY HILL, Conn. - Numotion has joined the e-commerce market with the launch of its new online store,

“We serve people all across the country, some in very rural markets, that might not be near seating clinics or Abilities Expos,” said John Pryles, senior vice president of sales. “So we wanted to give them access and let them see what was available.”

Numotion has kicked off its e-commerce efforts with SoftWheel, an adaptive in-wheel suspension system for manual wheelchair users. It plans to gradually add more products, such as hand cycles, standers and adaptive sports equipment, toward the end of the year.

One thing you won't see in Numotion's online store: Group 3 power wheelchairs, Pryles says.

“I don't see this as a platform for that,” he said. “We don't want to put anyone at risk to get a product that's not properly fitted or that hasn't been configured correctly.”

While products don't necessarily have to be non-coded or non-funded to be sold online, Pryles says the new platform will focus on equipment and accessories not covered by traditional payers.

“One of the biggest things facing our industry is the continued price degradation from payers—whether it's CMS or commercial insurers, or states running out of money, or even really high deductibles,” he said. “There has to be a different way for people to access these products and this is the first step for us.”

There's one more role Numotion hopes the online store will serve, Pryles says.

“Our (company) website is really broadcast-based,” he said. “It's information only—who we are, what are the products and services we offer. What we really want to build is not just a shopping site, but an online community where people have access to industry thought leaders, different types of products, advocacy and help with funding.”


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