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To pass out candy or not?

To pass out candy or not?

Another Halloween, another moral battle with myself. I won't keep you in suspense. I lost. This year, I will once again be handing out seasonal tattoos but instead of supplementing the tattoos with, say, pretzels, I opted for candy (Nerds, in case you're wondering). Sigh. One of these days I'll have the gumption to follow through on my convictions.

It's probably just coincidence that Nov. 1 marks the start of Diabetes Month and there's some scary stats on obesity rates, and therefore Type 2 rates, among kids. But I found this heartening tidbit in this article. 

The American Dental Association reported that while 65 percent of children ages 5 to 13 consider Halloween their favorite holiday, they're ready for a change. Two-thirds of those surveyed thought they ate too much candy at Halloween, while nearly 90 percent said they'd still like the holiday if it was less about sweets. A majority also said they would just as soon receive a toy or video game as candy.

Maybe not the video game—yet another reason kids are gaining weight.

One final Halloween note. My first year writing for our college paper, the names on the masthead were changed to something a little spookier for the Halloween edition. I still remember the editor's note next to my name: make funny. I don't remember what they wound up rechristening me with, but it's a hard moniker to work with. Suggestions welcome.

Happy Halloween from me, The-reaper Flaherty, and my co-horts, Elizabeth Depraved and Liz Booooolieu.


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