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Patient Data: Find way to be relevant

Patient Data: Find way to be relevant Q. How can I use data to market to my existing patients?

A. Most HME providers already have an existing database of patients and capture key information during the intake process; so, what's the next step? What products and strategies are most effective? How can you measure success?

As with all marketing, you must find a way to be relevant to the audience; data can help target different products based on demographics and disease state. In addition to understanding patient challenges based on the equipment you provide, timing is also a significant driver of effective marketing. A good example can be found during the holiday season. At the end of each calendar year, many patients have health savings accounts or flex plan balances that must be used for medical expenses. If you provide a patient with a CPAP, consider messaging “don't let your flex dollars go to waste, call today for holiday deals on a CPAP cleaning machine.” A patient with an in-home hospital bed can be sent offers for mattresses and sheets, as well as a free in-home consultation for home modification services.

You should utilize all forms of communication when contacting current patients for health-related items; send a post card in the mail or a resupply box, schedule a phone call and email to go out in conjunction with the mailing. Consider driving patients to a dedicated landing page or e-commerce site with a specific discount code or offer to track campaign effectiveness.   

Utilizing patient data can help strengthen HME relationships and provide increased health benefits to patients, while creating a new revenue stream. If you have the data, use it to drive new revenue in 2018.


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