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PlayMaker chases real-time visibility

PlayMaker chases real-time visibility

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - PlayMaker Health's new CEO Gregg Boyle wants to reduce the shelf life of the claims data that its customers are using to 45 days.

Boyle's appointment as CEO was only one in a number of moves PlayMaker announced in February as part of a reorganization to better serve post-acute care providers, including HME providers.

“Over the past two years, we've taken that shelf life from six months and reduced it to 90 days, but in 2020, we want to cut that in half again,” said Boyle, formerly vice president of engineering of the company. “We need to enable these organizations to make faster, data-driven decisions.”

PlayMaker has also named Holly Miller, formerly vice president of sales and marketing, chief revenue officer; and John Griscavage, formerly CEO, executive chairman.

The company is “taking the imprecise and making it more precise,” Boyle says, by packaging more current claims data from Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and commercial payers—as well as integrations with more than 40 EMR and order management solutions—with a mobile CRM.

“If you have more real-time visibility of what's happening in the business, we can show you the market-driven opportunities,” he said. “What are the exact counts and specifics of where business is being done? Who's influencing that business? Where are the opportunities?”

While some EMRs do provide “some type of Rolodex of partners and referrals,” Boyle says PlayMaker has evidence that if you pull market data into a CRM and follow its recommendations, a customer will see increases in referrals and order volume.

“We have some customers who add the relationships without also adding the market data, and they don't grow as well as when you use the whole solution,” he said.

In addition to real-time visibility, PlayMaker is prioritizing getting closer to its customers, a main charge of Miller's.

“We want to make sure we have our finger on the pulse of what's happening with all of our customers, allowing us to adapt to the dynamics of what's happening today,” he said. “We want to stay ahead of their objectives and fears.”


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