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PMDRX unveils new tool for PTs

PMDRX unveils new tool for PTs

GLENDALE, Ariz. - PMDRX recently released a new physical therapy module that could help mobility providers serve their patients—and get paid—a lot quicker, says Gary Cox.

“From what we understand based on feedback from suppliers, physical and occupational therapists have a pretty high documentation error rate themselves, due to omitted information and illegible handwriting,” said Cox, CEO of PMDRX.

Launched in January, the new module will allow OTs and PTs to conduct functional mobility assessments electronically through a series of prompts, which will then be made accessible to providers to ensure compliance.

It may also increase the number of therapists willing to perform assessments, says Cox.

“Many PTs and OTs won't do functional mobility assessments because they don't understand all of the parameters of the evaluation that are required,” he said. “With PMDRX, there won't be any guesswork.”

The module will also dramatically improve turnaround time, says Cox.

That's a good thing. Now that competitive bid pricing has officially spread to rural areas, efficiency is more critical than ever before, says Cox.

“The more time and effort you spend trying to get the appropriate level of documentation needed, the more your costs go up,” he said. “Those who don't incorporate these kinds of technologies and adapt, I don't think they'll be around in three to five years.”


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