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Precision Comfort moves to backs

Precision Comfort moves to backs ‘That we’re experiencing any growth at all during this time is pretty telling’

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Precision Comfort, a newer division of Merits Health, started shipping its first three cushions late last year and launched its first back, the PC ProForm, in June.

“It's the first back for our company,” said Dave Leverette, designer and general manager. “It's just for our power wheelchairs right now, but we'll have a full line of backs down the road, as we continue product development.”

Precision Comfort offers three cushions: PC Lite (general use), PC Gel (skin protecting) and PC Deep (skin protecting and positioning).

The company also has approved coding for its next line of cushions, the PC Air and PC AirPlus adjustable seating and position cushions.

“They're similar to our PC Deep, but the insert is made of air, instead of gel,” Leverette said.

Precision Comfort has carved out a niche for itself by offering products that aren't just me-too products, Leverette says. The company's PC Deep, for example, has an overlay that straps around the outside of the cushion and pulls down in the middle, keeping it in place, he says.

“The comments we're getting from therapists is that we're offering something new that the market needed,” he said.

Precision Comfort has seen sales increase sequentially since it started shipping products in November, despite a pandemic that has limited Leverette's ability to hit the road and demo products to therapists.

“That we're experiencing any growth at all during this time is pretty telling,” he said.

During the pandemic, Precision Comfort has been shipping products to therapists and ATPs, and then video conferencing with them.

“It's as hands-on as we could come up with,” said Elizabeth McKinley, operations director.

In early June, however, with states opening back up, Leverette had a trip planned to Florida.

“How the product feels is everything,” he said. “Even if they have it in front of them, if someone is not there to show them in person, it's difficult.”


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