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Q&A: Allstar Medical gets local vote

Q&A: Allstar Medical gets local vote

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. - When Michael Kuller, owner of Allstar Medical Supply, heard that he was voted “Best Wellness & Medical Retail Store” by San Francisco Bay Area newspaper readers in recent poll, he says he didn't even know he had been entered. Here's what Kuller had to say to HME News about being recognized and what it takes to be “the best.”

HME News: You beat out 10 other medical supply stores for the title. Are you surprised you won?

Kuller: I'm not really surprised. If you look at our Yelp rating, I think we probably have the best rating of any of them. There's a lot of people on their mobile phones looking for things as they're driving around. You can look at the reviews and decide which direction to go in—which store to go to. People have said they come to us because of our Yelp reviews.

HME: What makes your store the best?

Kuller: The customer service. We really try to help find solutions to people's problems and we take the time to talk about and understand what the issue is. We take on average 20 minutes with each customer.

HME: How often do you re-evaluate layout?

Kuller: I read that people recommend switching things around in retail stores. When I go into Costco, I frequently have trouble finding the things I want because they move them around the store every few months. I don't think that that is important for our clientele. I think it's more important that we have things in familiar places so they know where they are and they can find them.


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