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Q&A: Cody Verrett

Q&A: Cody Verrett Shoprider sets sights on complex rehab

CARSON, Calif. - Its products are still in the concept phase, but ROVI Mobility Products, the complex rehab division of Shoprider Mobility Products, is a go. The new company has announced that it expects to roll out a line of complex rehab products and accessories in 2014. Here's what Cody Verrett, president, had to say about how ROVI plans to differentiate itself in a market with well-established companies like Invacare, Sunrise Medical, Quantum Rehab and Permobil.

HME News: Previously, you worked with ATG Rehab (now Numotion) and Pride Mobility Products. How does that put you in a good position to lead this new company?

Cody Verrett: On the provider side, it gives me a unique perspective on what the ATPs and clinicians would like to see in some of those devices. On the manufacturer side, I have a unique perspective on what's available today.

HME: What's ROVI's play in the complex rehab market?

Verrett: Innovation. We plan to bring to market some design qualities and characteristics that haven't been seen or used before. Instead of “me-too” devices, our goal is to create innovative products that create a market segment that's truly its own.

HME: Shoprider has a reputation for value in the standard power mobility market. Is that something that will spill over into ROVI?

Verrett: We have to create a product that's cost effective for providers who are dealing with allowables that are continuing to fall, but at the same time, we have to walk the tightrope of quality and durability. We have a lot to prove. Just because we have a name and a logo doesn't mean anything.

HME: Did complex rehab's exclusion from the competitive bidding program motivate Shoprider to take a crack at this market?

Verrett: With competitive bidding and the loss of the first-month purchase option, so much has changed in the standard power mobility market. Shoprider felt it was important to develop complex rehab products because one of its core strengths is making quality product at a competitive price point, but they didn't possess the know-how to create solutions that would meet the demands of ATPs and clinicians. That's where I come in.

HME: In addition to value and quality, what will ROVI products be known for?

Verrett: Being very service friendly. I was a tech. I've changed motors, replaced batteries and fixed things. I know how important it is to develop a product that's service oriented.

HME: From a provider perspective, the complex rehab market is increasingly consolidated. What's your strategy for getting providers to buy your products?

Verrett: These companies are all about taking care of the client. If it does really well from a reliability standpoint—in my experience, that's the trump card. I believe what will make us different is a high-quality product with great reliability. That and a distribution method that provides the product relatively quickly.


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