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Q&A: Jordan Flowers

Q&A: Jordan Flowers ‘It’s the return of retail sales’

WEST DEPTFORD, N.J. - Jordan Flowers has grown up in the scooter business, working for four different family run, mobility related businesses over the years. His latest, Vintage Vehicles USA, which officially launched in January, combines his passions for function and aesthetics. Here's what Flowers had to say about why it's the right time for a company that sells nearly $7,000 scooters that look like vintage vehicles.

HME News: How did Vintage Vehicles come to fruition?

Jordan Flowers: I met Vinzenz Hohl of Rehasys at an international trade show, where we were exhibiting for Active Controls (a manufacturer of drive controls for standard and complex power wheelchairs). He had a great concept that I had been thinking about for years—making scooters look like classic automobiles so they're more relevant to customers. We've become their U.S. distributor.

HME: Why are scooters that look like vintage vehicles more relevant?

Flowers: Baby boomers have an issue with getting old—they don't want to buy anything mobility related. That's why we changed the name of the company from Vintage Mobility to Vintage Vehicles. These scooters are cool enough that we're marketing not only to people with disabilities and people who are getting older, but also to people who live in retirement communities or who have large estates who just want a way to get around.

HME: You're selling the scooters through the HME provider channel?

Flowers: Yes, we're giving them the first crack at it. It's perfect timing, with the return of retail sales to the HME industry. The whole industry is turning its back on Medicare and insurance, and least-expensive products. They're flipping back to cash sales and to feature-rich and quality driven products. A mobility provider who has this scooter in his showroom—it knocks people's socks off.

HME: You were at Medtrade in the fall of 2017. What was the reception there?

Flowers: I knew we were a hit when we sold out all of our available demo units. This was before the first production units arrived in early December.

HME: You currently offer a Gatsby model. What's next?
Flowers: We're working with them on developing accessories for the market. At our request, they're working on a heavier duty version with a bigger battery and motor. Our next design is based on a '57 Chevy pickup truck.

HME: What keeps you keep innovating, specifically in this industry?

Flowers: It's fun. And you go to bed feeling good having helped someone continue to get around. I've had a passion for it my whole life, growing up in the business, riding scooters around.


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