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Quantum taps into consumer

Quantum taps into consumer

EXETER, Pa. - Quantum Rehab's Q-Logic 3 drive control system, launched in January, is a big play by the company to incorporate more mainstream consumer electronics into its power wheelchair systems.

Q-Logic 3's iAccess has four switch controls, each with a forward and backward function, so users can control up to 15 different functions, such as tilt and recline and seat elevation. The kicker: They do it all from a smart phone-like LED screen with pictures.

“As you switch through pages (in iAccess), those pictures change,” said Jay Doherty, Quantum Rehab's senior clinical education manager for the Eastern U.S. and an OT. “In the past, there were just stickers. Sometimes consumers had to guess what function they were in. We've tried to make it more consumer-focused.”

When users leverage Q-Logic 3's built-in Bluetooth capabilities, they can also use the system to connect to a computer, tablet or smart phone to access their email and social media accounts.

Q-Logic 3 and iAccess are a nod to the increasingly connected world we live in and the importance of that increasing connectivity to wheelchairs users. It's now possible, for example, to marry Q-Logic 3 with a smart phone or a system like Nest to allow users to turn their lights or heat on and off.

“With technology as high end as it is these days, it allows folks with a disability to control things that, otherwise, they might not be able to,” Doherty said.

On the clinician side, a new “clinic mode” in the Q-Logic 3 allows clinicians and therapists who are conducting setups and evaluations to make adjustments directly, without hooking up a programmer to the system.

“This was developed out of listening to consumers and clinicians on what features they desired in a system,” Doherty said. “That's something we take pride in—being the wheelchair manufacturer that listens—and we think we've really hit the nail on the head with this one.”


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