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Rehab Medical accelerates ‘roadmap’ 

Rehab Medical accelerates ‘roadmap’ 

Kevin GearheartINDIANAPOLIS – Rehab Medical plans to supercharge its growth in 2023, with new locations already open in Cleveland and Baton Rouge, La., another location set to open in Georgia, and possible locations in two additional markets by the end of the year. 

The company announced in April that it had opened a new location in Cleveland, its fifth in Ohio, allowing it to serve the entire state. It also has locations in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton and Toledo. 

“For us, ultimately, we’re trying to not only get into every state but also have full coverage in every state – and we will eventually,” said Kevin Gearheart, president. “We’re just trying to grow and do it the right way. That means sustainably, but at the same time, taking advantage of opportunities.” 

Rehab Medical has been growing steadily, but before this year, it added about four new markets in the same number of years. 

The company has a “good roadmap” for expansion, Gearheart says, that involves cultivating employees and promoting them to leadership positions at new locations. That’s exactly what played out in Cleveland and Baton Rouge. 

“It comes down to great people,” he said. “The people who are coming in are learning the business and they’re staying with us because they want to grow with us. If we don’t provide them with opportunities, they’ll leave. But by continuing to grow and providing opportunities, they're staying. It’s a big cycle of how we’re growing that builds on itself.” 

With this roadmap, Rehab Medical can also ensure more easily that its culture remains intact as it grows, something that’s more difficult when you grow through acquisition, Gearheart says. 

“Any company that acquires another company – sometimes it’s a challenge culturally,” he said. “Growing organically, our success is 100%; that culture piece is instant from day one. You can teach products and processes, but culture is hard to teach.” 

But acquisitions are still part of Rehab Medical’s growth strategy, Gearheart says, when the opportunity is right, and the fit is right. They can make other aspects of entering a new market easier, like contracting. 

“There’s no right way or wrong way,” he said. “It’s just, what challenge do you want?”  


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