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Reporter's notebook: 'Put the facts out there'

Reporter's notebook: 'Put the facts out there'

Although his day job is as CEO of, John Solomon devotes time to his foundation, Project Global Village, which is dedicated to bringing education and healthcare to third-world countries. The Costa Rica-based Solomon has also lived in the West African nation of Ghana, an experience he calls “humbling.” His travels have given him a different perspective on the Ebola scare, he says.

“The US is in panic mode right now,” he said. “I see how people are afraid in airports, wearing surgical masks. I hope and I pray that it doesn't grow, but this outbreak (in West Africa) has been going on for months. It's not a new disease.”

While he understands those fears, he says, as part of the larger healthcare community, he has a responsibility to educate people on the disease.

In October, produced a short educational video on Ebola.

“Let's put the facts out there and stay away from the myths,” said Solomon. “Let people be aware (of the risks). I don't want to scare people and we're not trying to promote our products.”

The three-minute animated spot walks viewers through the possible symptoms of Ebola, how the disease is transmitted and the grim statistics for Ebola patients. The video is available on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

“If we can reach someone through social media it's like a domino effect,” said Solomon. “The best way we can help solve this is through education.”


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