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ResMed cites higher rates of sleep apnea

ResMed cites higher rates of sleep apnea

SAN ANTONIO - Roughly 170 million people across North and South America have sleep apnea, according to a study ResMed presented at SLEEP 2019.

The study, a deeper analysis of ResMed's finding in 2018 that 936 million people worldwide have sleep apnea, concludes that 170 million people in North and South America (37% of adults) have sleep apnea based on the AASM 2012 criteria—a “conservative” estimate—and that the countries with the highest number of cases are the United States (54 million), Brazil (49 million) and Columbia (11 million).

“Previous estimates stated     100 million worldwide have sleep apnea,” said Carlos Nunez, M.D., the study's co-author and ResMed's chief medical officer. “Given how common sleep apnea is, especially among people with other common diseases, doctors should screen their high-risk patients and help those who are diagnosed get onto life-changing treatment as soon as possible.”

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society are hosting SLEEP 2019 June 8-12.


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