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Resupply: Leave it to the experts

Resupply: Leave it to the experts

jeremy stolzQ. When it comes to CPAP resupply order fulfillment, is it better to outsource or do it yourself?  

A. This is where a great partner really makes sense. I have been discussing and analyzing this question with trusted HME providers for nearly 20 years. I have found that, even before the pandemic, it was better to partner with a logistics company that specializes in getting these orders into the hands of patients than trying to do it alone.  

Now in this new world, that fact becomes even more true.  

Economically, it is a simple decision because there are considerable savings when this part of the business is outsourced. Consider the rising costs and unpredictability of labor, materials, equipment, shrinkage, insurance, obsolescence, etc.  

The other part of the decision comes down to the long-term goals and values of the provider. Put simply, HME providers are needed now more than ever to help—by getting critical equipment like concentrators and beds over the threshold and into the homes of patients who desperately need them. For that reason, any supplies that can be delivered to the home should be done with a distribution partner, especially CPAP.  

Additionally, issues due to staffing, COVID, OSHA, regulatory and supply chain constraints, lost purchasing power and disaster recovery vulnerabilities are minimized when handled by experts in home delivery. And when it comes to CPAP resupply, speed really matters—an expert partner is almost always going to be faster at processing and delivering the order to the doorstep. This means fewer days of outstanding sales and much happier patients.  

Partnering with an expert makes the most sense, but you have to do your due diligence. Choosing a partner that has experience; a vested interest in the HME industry; and a strong, redundant infrastructure and network is vital. 

Jeremy Stolz is president of VGM Fulfillment. Reach him at


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