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Resupply: Leverage expertise

Resupply: Leverage expertise

Q. Why does expertise matter in CPAP machine and resupply order fulfillment? 

A. In today’s business environment, companies have little margin for error. They’re taking a hard look at processes, personnel and the partners they choose to do business with daily. It’s no surprise that HME companies are outsourcing certain aspects of their business as part of their strategic initiatives. 

Finding the right partner who understands your business and has the required expertise is not easy. You need a partner with multiple years of experience and success in CPAP resupply. 

A reliable order fulfillment partner should be the silent, yet critical, catalyst to the success of your CPAP machine and resupply business – responsible for the key operations of order fulfillment: picking, packing, shipping, and inventory management. They focus and excel in their core competencies, while you execute excellence in yours – taking care of patients. 

The right partner understands the importance of doing CPAP machine and resupply order fulfillment the right way. Fast and accurate order fulfillment services are crucial when it comes to the health of your patients. Every mis-pack and mis-shipment means valuable time wasted in the short term, and possible damage to your company’s reputation in the long term.  

Getting your orders right the first time, every time is a top priority. Your partner should be heavily invested in technology and infrastructure, and laser focused on speed, accuracy and reliability to ensure they execute at a level that meets your expectations. 

In your search, look for that partner whose years of experience has positioned them to understand CPAP machine and resupply on a deeper level and to execute better than any other company. Because expertise does matter. 

Jeremy Stolz is president of VGM Fulfillment. Reach him at



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