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Resupply: Stay in frequent touch

Resupply: Stay in frequent touch Q. How do I keep my patients compliant?

A. Most patients are often unaware, or forget, when to change their supplies or even how often they are allowed new supplies. During the initial CPAP setup, providers should go over the basic use and care of the machine, and how to clean or when to replace supplies. However, many of these patients easily forget these instructions. To help make the therapy treatment successful, it is important to keep continuous communication with the patient after they start therapy. Frequent communication also reduces the chances of losing a patient due to mask dissatisfaction or change of information.

With a successful resupply program, a patient should be contacted at least every 90 days. With this call, you should ensure the patient is still using his or her machine and is compliant with therapy, remind them to change their existing supplies, and also let them know when they are due for new supplies per their insurance allowable. Just this simple step of communication provides patients with an exceptional level of service and will help build trust and loyalty. Patients will start expecting, looking forward to, and relying on your call.

Communicating regularly with the patients and keeping them compliant also benefits the provider immensely. The more often you communicate with them, the more likely they are to frequently resupply. This in turn significantly impacts your revenue. Implementing a resupply program will ultimately generate new profit and maximize recurring revenue. With increasingly strict guidelines and lower reimbursements in a tough market, there is more and more pressure to maintain compliance while still finding ways to improve your bottom line.

Russell Parker is COO at Revsuppliance. Reach him at [email protected].


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