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Resupply: Take advantage of options

Resupply: Take advantage of options

James DragatsisQ. How do I choose the best resupply solution?  

A. When looking at your resupply business and the best solution, it’s important to look at your overall business and the solutions implemented across all business lines. Resupply is unique in the sense that there are many ways to run a successful program without having all your eggs in one basket. The current array of options has made way for creating an optimized solution outside of your other business lines and software platforms.   

The two main components are patient management and patient outreach. In my previous column, I discussed contact modalities and choosing the best solutions for outreach. Patient outreach is tied with patient management, and you cannot successfully run a program without both in unison. With that said, choosing the right patient management software is essential and foundational.   

While the push for “touchless” or “all electronic” seems attractive and simple, there is much more to it. Ideally, you want to choose a solution that focuses on patient outreach encompassing all communication modalities, with the focus ultimately on patient care rather than just efficiency or employee elimination. With the right software platform, both can be accomplished.   

A successful program will consist of a mix of modalities, with live patient calling and support playing an integral part. If 40 % of your orders are being managed electronically, that still leaves 60% that rely on live human interaction for engagement and compliance. 

Utilize combined options for the best results. You will be able to monitor each component's performance and make changes as needed without disrupting your patient's care. 

James Dragatsis is CEO of Beyond HME. Reach him at


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