Samantha Lincoln offers ‘perspective’ on buying and selling

Thursday, July 2, 2020

NEWTOWN, Pa. – Over her 25-year career, Samantha Lincoln has built a “varied and colorful” resume that includes launching her own investment firm and serving as director of business development for Pacific Pulmonary Services, where she assisted with its sale to Teijin Ltd.

Lincoln, who was recently named a managing director at Paragon Ventures, spoke with HME News about her new role and the perspective she offers to buyers and sellers.

HME News: What are you focused on in your new role at Paragon Ventures?

Samantha Lincoln: We’re focused on strategic transactions for owners—companies that are looking to grow through strategic partners, capital partners or recapitalizations.

HME: How does your experience working at Pacific Pulmonary Services help in your new role?

Lincoln: Having sat in the shoes of a buyer, I can give a unique perspective on what they might be looking for. That way, we give our client that unique perspective on what they are thinking.

HME: So, what are buyers looking for?

Lincoln: They are looking for quality earnings, consistency, and knowing that the payer sources and the contracts are strong. They are looking at their ability to report and manage and grow the business. But different buyers are looking for different things. They are looking for strong management, always.

HME: Do you feel sellers have a realistic idea of their company’s value?

Lincoln: That’s always the challenge—we all fall in love with our own baby. I think part of our role as advisers is helping to set the expectation and create a process through which the client can get the best value of their business, which has to involve a competitive process.

HME: Has being a woman in corporate finance created any challenges?

Lincoln: It opens the door to more conversations. They are interested to hear a different perspective and one coming from a female voice, but numbers are numbers. Ultimately, I think I have a different approach to negotiation. I do think health care businesses are receptive to women in finance.