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Set expectations, set up for success

Set expectations, set up for success

If you want to manage your staff successfully, consistency is key, says Kit Shellhouse, vice president of operations for ECS North. Here’s what Shellhouse, who will be hosting a Medtrade session on how to monitor employees without micromanaging them, had to say about establishing expectations and what to do when employees don’t meet them.

HME News: How should executives manage staff?

Kit Shellhouse: Set realistic, mutually agreed upon expectations and communicate often. Provide feedback, but also be consistent in holding everyone accountable for meeting expectations. Develop fair and equitable consequences if expectations are not met and prepare to execute those consequences. Consistency is key.

HME: What resources should they have in place to help monitor staff?

Shellhouse: Basic to extensive reporting can be extracted from their billing system, plus using programs such as TEAMS and SharePoint. ActivTrak is a system that can monitor employees if expectations are not being met, but doesn’t create an administrative nightmare.

HME: Has WFH shifted the way we manage?

Shellhouse: The management and tracking of employees should be no different than when they were sitting 10 feet away.

HME: What are tips for managing without micromanaging?

Shellhouse: Be objective when discussing performance versus expectations. Stay away from “What are you doing?” or similar questions. Stay positive and redirect when necessary.


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