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Sleeplay seeks ‘luxury’ status

Sleeplay seeks ‘luxury’ status

MIAMI – Sleeplay, a new online shop, believes success in sleep therapy is about more than the right CPAP device and mask.

“We want to be a luxury supermarket in the sleep area, because we know that it’s not only CPAP—that you need other equipment and items to be comfortable,” said Liliane Fuhrman, owner. “We accompany people on the first 90 days and it’s not easy to use these (products), so if you have other items that will help you be successful, we want to offer them.”

Launched earlier this year, Sleeplay offers hundreds of products for those with and without sleep apnea, including travel-size CPAP machines, CPAP cleaners, eye masks, weighted blankets and travel pillows. The company also offers financing, a diagnostics quiz, equipment troubleshooting, products recommendations and digital prescription uploads.

Sleep apnea caught Liliane Fuhrman’s attention five years ago when she became president of Fort Lauderdale-based American HomeCare Equipment.

“As our society continues to embrace this 24/7, ‘always on’ mindset, I think the importance of sleep is more critical than ever,” she said. “If you don’t get quality sleep, everything else will suffer.”

It was the COVID-19 pandemic, however, that motivated Fuhrman to hang out her own shingle in the sleep market.

“It made us think out of the box and gave me the impulse to find a better way to approach this huge population,” she said. “It’s very challenging, but we thought it was a good moment to launch the company so we can help more people remotely and take care of them—without spreading the virus.”

Though Sleeplay is an online shop, it’s not just a delivery company, says Fuhrman.

“We don’t just leave a box of equipment and ‘goodbye,’” she said. “We want people to understand how to use it and we make sure this treatment is successful.”


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