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Survey: Pharmacies can’t fill positions

Survey: Pharmacies can’t fill positions

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Eighty percent of independent pharmacists are having trouble hiring for open positions, according to a new survey from the National Association of Community Pharmacists. 

What’s more, nearly 90% of survey respondents say they can’t find pharmacy technicians, a critical position. 

“This is a major challenge for community pharmacies that are seeing many more patients because of the pandemic,” said NCPA CEO B. Douglas Hoey, pharmacist. “Finding qualified workers is tough under normal circumstances. This is an acute problem for local pharmacies that should be at full strength now.” 

Nearly 60% can’t find front-end employees, 25% can’t find delivery drivers, and 13% can’t find pharmacists, according to the survey. 

The labor shortage is also driving up wages and benefits, a trickier problem for local pharmacies than most other small businesses, says Hoey. 

“Most other businesses can raise prices to cover the additional costs, but it’s not that simple for pharmacies,” he said. “Their reimbursements are controlled by pharmacy benefit managers. There is no option to pass along higher prices to consumers as in most other industries.” 

More than 72% of survey respondents say they are raising wages to attract workers. Fifty-six percent are offering more flexible work hours, and more than 20% are increasing benefits, according to the survey. 

The average technician wage is $16 per hour, while the average wage for sales clerks and other positions is $11.90 per hour, according to the 2020 NCPA Digest, sponsored by Cardinal Health.


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