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There's no 'standstill' i PMD electronic template

There's no 'standstill' i PMD electronic template

An article in the September issue of HME News referenced the “standstill” status of the PMD template hung up in the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (“Template is at a standstill,” September 2015).

Many mobility suppliers may not be aware that an electronic version has been in use for more than four years. Suppliers using documentation created via the electronic template process report greater efficiency and virtually 100% error free documentation compliance.

Those same suppliers have also reported excellent physician adoption of the electronic template exam process and a few have reported that many of the prescribers they work with will not do their exams any other way now that they have tried the electronic template process.

Anecdotal reports by those suppliers also indicate they achieve incredibly high success rates with prior authorization affirmations when utilizing electronic template documentation, as well as greater levels of success with pre- and post-payment reviews and audits. Another side benefit of an electronic exam template process has been an improvement in turnaround times from date of order to date of delivery.

We are actually two years ahead of Medicare in recognizing the need for an electronic template. We introduced our technology to physicians and suppliers in 2010, well ahead of Medicare embracing the idea.

Our four-year history of acceptance of electronic template documentation by Medicare validates the efficiency of the technology, as well as its ability to document the broad picture of patient medical necessity as required by CMS.

Recently, the business and commerce liaison of U.S. Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., became aware that an electronic template exam already exists, and he has become a huge proponent of getting the word out to both physicians and suppliers. The liaison reviewed a demonstration of the technology and was amazed at the efficiency of the process and its ability to solve the long history of PMD exam error rates. Mr. Jameson has been assisting us with increasing our visibility and footprint in the healthcare market.

Suppliers need no longer fret about the lack of an electronic template; it's here now and in use throughout many parts of the U.S. Even many military physicians and facilities have been using this tool for their exams.

The proof of its benefit is evident in the high levels of success that many suppliers are experiencing with patient exam documentation processed via the electronic clinical template application.

Gary Cox is CEO of PMDRX. Reach him at [email protected] or 623-696-8854.


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