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They've done it again

They've done it again

This is for the it's-not-quite-relevant-but-too-cool-to-ignore file.

This article

, called "10 Must-See iPhone Apps for Doctors and Patients," details different healthcare-related applications for iPhones that help doctors and patients keep tabs on care and treatments. One, MedCodes-09, is "a complete 2009 medical database of the ICD-9, CPT, HCPS codes (do they mean HCPC?)...for all medical specialties at your fingertips." It has a search function that allows users to type single words, multiple words or multiple fragments of words as search criteria. Another app tracks how long you've been awake and translates it into a "cognitive effectiveness" score.

The coolness factor depends, of course, on your having an iPhone, which I, unfortunately, do not...

  • Liz Beaulieu

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