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Tis the season

Tis the season

I can't be the only person in the industry who doesn't feel like doing any more work this afternoon. HME News will be closed until Dec. 26 and I don't plan on returning until Dec. 30 so really, I am in (festive) vacation mode at this hour.

I've been making cold calls this week (very cold calls, we had a couple of days of fffffrigid temps and nearly 20 inches of snow).

What can I report? Well, despite audits and competitive bidding (the Round 1 recompete is mere days away), there are still providers out there staying positive and staying strong. They are trying to add new products and services and opening new retail locations.

They are also, always, giving back to their communities. Whether it's continuing to supply them with enteral nutrition despite not being paid because it's the right thing to do or whether they are donating wheelchairs to veterans taking part in honor flights, they don't hesitate to lend a hand.

We had our company Christmas party last night. As part of it, we make a donation to the local food bank, because, while there are a million worthy endeavors to support, there is nothing so egregious as neighbors going hungry. I am proud to report that we raised what I believe is a record high $1,000, despite the pinch we have all felt from the economy.

Merry Christmas!


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