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Top Mobility blazes dealership model

Top Mobility blazes dealership model

HUDSON, Fla. - Top Mobility moved into a new 12,000-square-foot location recently and plans to open its first dealership in Austin, Texas, in the next month or so.

“We basically want to scale our business retail model nationwide so local customers can try the products,” said President Richard Foldoe. “We're hoping to have locations throughout Florida, Texas, Nevada, and eventually California.”

The cash-only provider offers scooters, standard and power wheelchairs, ramps, lifts and lift chairs online at and at its brick-and-mortar location in Hudson, Fla.

Under its dealership model, Top Mobility offers dealers mobility products at preferred pricing and the use of its name, in exchange for their exclusive business.

“We have wholesale prices from major manufacturers like Pride Mobility, so we can pass those discounts on to smaller providers,” said CEO Jay Fares. “When providers open a store, they don't have $1 million to start a business. Now they can open a store with just $100,000.”

The best part: no Medicare necessary.

“Not being Medicare providers, we honed in on retail products, like recreational scooters,” said Foldoe. “You're not putting in money up front and waiting for Medicare to pay you back later—if they even do.”

The key to running a successful cash business lies in strategic advertising, says Foldoe. For example, Top Mobility advertises in local newspapers and coupon books, and on Craigslist.

“All I know is we've mastered the retail model ourselves and we know how to make this work,” he said.


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