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Turnaround king: Krecle takes helm at GAMES

Turnaround king: Krecle takes helm at GAMES

ATLANTA - One of Devin Krecle's top priorities as the new executive director of the Georgia Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers is to help “revive” the association. Here's what Krecle, a vice president at Association Strategy Group, had to say about why state associations are important and how to “build them back up.”

HME News: You've represented other associations, including the Georgia Society for Respiratory Care. What successes have you had?

Devin Krecle: Every association that we've taken in, we've kind of built them back up. They've been hurting or in a downward trend, not only financially but also with their memberships and their meetings. We pride ourselves, for example, on taking an association with one meeting per year and doing two or three and having heavy attendance at all of them.

HME: What's your strategy for increasing membership?

Krecle: Often with associations, there's just one person. We have a team behind us. We have part-time folks, for example, who reach out to members whose memberships have lapsed. We do the big mass emails, but we also make personal phone calls. It makes a difference.

HME: Same strategy for meeting attendance?

Krecle: Yes, it's already made a difference with GAMES. We moved the winter meeting from February to April to give ourselves more time, as we were just contracted in January. There were only a couple of attendees and usually they only get about 30. We've already surpassed that, so that's a step in the right direction.

HME: How are you putting your stamp on the upcoming meeting?

Krecle: Because of the change in date some of the individuals who were slated to speak could no longer speak. We were able to secure Blake Fulenwider, the deputy commissioner of the Georgia Department of Community Health.

HME: Why is having a robust state association so important?

Krecle: I'm also a registered lobbyist, and having your state association chockfull with members shows that you're serious. When you're working with legislators, it comes across in meetings. They look at you different.


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