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Value-based care: Keep focus on end user

Value-based care: Keep focus on end user

Kaitlyn RiosQ. What can HME companies do to differentiate themselves to payers in terms of supporting value-based care? 

A. Remember: Value-based care is generally defined as a shift from traditional fee-for-service payment models to a provider payment system that supports quality improvement and cost-effective care to ensure successful health outcomes and experiences for patients. Various iterations of this model are already in effect in some market segments, while others are still actively updating programs and services to meet the new quality standards set in place by CMS. 

HME companies need to express their awareness of the shift to value-based care models to insurance companies. By recognizing the reduction in cost of care, the positive impact this will have for patients, and a willingness to adapt to a shifting health care landscape, insurance agencies are likely to take notice. 

The key is to keep the focus on the end users of the products and supplies being provided to the industry. When HME companies can take steps toward patient-centric engagements with care providers, patients and their caregivers, they will succeed in the world of value-based care. For these organizations that traditionally do not interact with patients in any clinical sense, respecting and adhering to the environment of value-based care can be achieved by offering simplified communication pertaining to insurance coverage benefits or restrictions, reducing delays in product order fulfillment, or working with manufacturers to obtain patient and family product education resources. All of these things positively impact the patient experience, which science tells us can lead to better outcomes. 

The entire health care continuum - HME companies included - must play an active role in value­ based care models for them to take off successfully. 

Kaitlyn Rios, PT, DPT, CWS, is vice president of clinical business development for DermaRite Industries. Reach her at


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