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Viemed releases third study on NIVH benefits

Viemed releases third study on NIVH benefits

LAFAYETTE, La. – Viemed Healthcare has published a third peer-reviewed study demonstrating the benefits of non-invasive ventilation at home.  

Using 100% research identifiable fee-for-service Medicare claims from 2016 through 2020, researchers found that using NIVH to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with chronic hypercapnic respiratory failure is associated with significant reductions in mortality, hospitalizations and total Medicare costs. 

“In addition to the significant clinical benefits demonstrated in previously published papers, this study demonstrates that NIVH improves health outcomes while simultaneously driving down overall health care costs,” said Dr. William Frazier, Viemed’s chief medical officer and co-author of the study. “The study was also designed to investigate how the timing of NIVH initiation affected the outcomes. The results showed that the clinical and financial benefits of NIVH are greatest when therapy begins immediately following the diagnosis.” 

The study, “Early Initiation of Non-Invasive Ventilation at Home Improves Survival and Reduces Healthcare Costs in COPD Patients with Chronic Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure: A Retrospective Cohort Study,” was published in Respiratory Medicine. 

In terms of cost-savings, Medicare expenditures for the year following NIVH initiation decreased by $5,484 (11.6%) compared to controls if treatment began within seven days of diagnosis. The cost reduction was $3,412 (7.2%) if NIVH began within 15 days of diagnosis. For patients whose therapy began more than 15 days after diagnosis, NIVH use was cost neutral. 

Viemed published a similar study in 2021, looking at data from 2012-2018. 



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