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Walking and rolling

Walking and rolling

I had an interesting chat with provider Bert Berns today. Berns has been in a wheelchair since 1982. When a person is first injured, he told me, it's hard to believe life isn't over.

"No matter what they tell you," he said, 'that's eveybody's initial thought."

But life isn't over. You just have to do things differently, said Berns.

"It's rolling instead of walking," he told me.

That might be a good thing for providers to keep in mind as they nervously await competitive bidding. If one can consider (and I think most of you can) that competitive bidding is an injury, it follows that HME life isn't over, but it is going to be different. Providers will have to do things differently, whether it be finding new payers or new products, or finding more efficient ways to operate, it's gonna be a brave new world out there.

I don't mean this to sound easy, cause it won't be.

Theresa Flaherty


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