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What HME and goats have in common

What HME and goats have in common

I got an email from Cindi Petito the other day asking for votes for LOTTUS Designs so she could qualify for a $250,000 grant.

I thought it was interesting and planned to check in with her down the road to see if she won.

Then I received a similar email from Jaqui Painchaud of Grampa's Garden - she's also on the hunt for votes. Around that same time, I saw a local goat farm, the Flying Goat Farm in Acton, Maine, was also hunting up votes.

My interest piqued, I decided to do a little investigating. Apparently, all three of these businesses are part of Mission: Small Business. Chase (the credit card people) and LivingSocial have teamed up to offer 12 $250,000 grants to small businesses around the country.

These small businesses had to go through quite a process to be on the ballot, and now it's up to their fans and customers to vote for them. A board will choose the 12 winning companies from between all the companies that can snag 250 supporter votes. We find out the winner on or before Sept. 15.

We can vote for as many companies as we like—that's right, you can vote for LOTTUS, Grampa's Garden, any other HME you like and even my local goat farm if you'd like.

Voting ends June 30 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

If any of you providers out there do end up winning, please give me a call. I'd love to know what an HME provider would do with a $250,000 grant.

Vote at


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