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Wright & Filippis rebrands

Wright & Filippis rebrands

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. - After selling its diabetes supply business in 2013 and its HME and respiratory businesses in 2014, it was time to hit refresh at Wright & Filippis, says Chairman and CEO A.J. Filippis.

The provider announced in December an updated look at 20 of its 28 offices (new signs and logos, revamped window and product displays, and renovated waiting areas) and an updated website (a streamlined view of its remaining business lines, better navigation, easier-to-read content and improved visuals of products).

“It's an opportunity to get our name out there presented in a different format than in the past,” Filippis said.

Wright & Filippis now focuses on four businesses: orthotics and prosthetics, where it got its start 70 years ago; complex rehab; and accessibility.

While Wright & Filippis was an O&P company long before it was an HME and respiratory company, the rebrand was necessary because the latter, in many ways, had become the face of the company.

“Our offices were very large with a lot of retail for HME,” he said. “Now our offices have more of a clinical look. We're trying to service patients quickly—we want to get them in and out; we don't want them to wander.”

Industry consultant Anna McDevitt says more providers, like Wright & Filippis, are tweaking their looks beyond the standard show room with slated walls.

“People get stuck in a rut of, 'This is what it's supposed to look like,' but they're starting to move beyond that,” said McDevitt, president of Laboratory Marketing.

The rebrand at Wright & Filippis also reflects the different messaging involved in marketing to referral sources for O&P and complex rehab vs. HME and respiratory, Filippis says.

“When you're marketing the clinical aspects of what you do, it's not just about when you deliver and how you respond to calls,” he said. “It's what type of services do you provide, what follow-up do you provide.”


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