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Zero-Risk Staffing for HMEs

Zero-Risk Staffing for HMEs It’s more than personnel. It’s personal.

Zero-Risk Staffing for HMEs

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The HME/DME space is unique, to say the least. Post-pandemic staffing shortages in a HIPAA-governed world that often deals with emotionally vulnerable populations requires trained professionals, not amateurs. California-based Tactical Back Office (TBO) is a remote staffing solutions company that understands the challenges DME/HME businesses face when it comes to finding and retaining well-trained and reliable employees.

TBO’s unique process and approach to providing staffing services are designed to save their clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. TBO introduces a concept known as Zero Risk Staffing. Zero Risk Staffing takes conventional recruiting strategy and seeks to make it more personal, learning who the candidate is as a human being and preparing the candidate for the job beforehand to ensure that they can hit the ground running immediately after being hired. TBO’s process ensures a candidate is both a great cultural fit as well as prepared for the job at hand. TBO employees work on a client’s business hours with no language barriers.

Tactical Back Office

“The thing we noticed from the start was the amount of training Tactical Back Office provides their employees,” says Lisa M. (DME Provider, Chicago, IL). “That thoroughness has let us not only hit the ground running but kept the same employees in front of our customers, creating a real sense of continuity and trust.”

By providing specialized, highly educated, and trained personnel who are committed to their work, TBO increases their clients’ productivity and profitability while eliminating the all-too-common turnover problem. It is quite typical for TBO employees to stay with their client for years, not weeks or months.

“By focusing on the Zero Risk Staffing model, we provide the DME/HME industry with a new approach that goes beyond the predictable or unreliable staffing experiences, and one that is a more personal approach to finding, training, and hiring new employees,” says Tactical Back Office Founder Todd Usher. “We do the screening, training, and pay the benefits. We improve the staffing fulfillment experience, helping our clients to increase productivity and profitability.”

One of the great benefits of TBO’s Zero Risk Staffing is that it eliminates the need for businesses to make financial investment in recruitment, training, and employee benefits. In doing this, TBO helps clients reduce overhead costs and keeps them focused on what they do best – running their businesses.

Call or email Tactical Back Office today and see how Zero Risk Staffing will make your staffing choice more profitable and personal.

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