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CMS changes course on CGM policy

June 12, 2018HME News Staff

WASHINGTON - CMS will allow Medicare beneficiaries to use smart phone technology with their continuous glucose monitors, it announced. The announcement reverses guidance issued in March 2017 in which the agency said beneficiaries could not use a non-DME device, such as a smart phone or tablet as the display device—in conflict with how many use their CGMs. “CMS heard from numerous stakeholders who shared their concerns that Medicare's CG coverage policy limited their use of CGMs...

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Dexcom ships G5 to Medicare beneficiaries

August 25, 2017HME News Staff

SAN DIEGO - Dexcom has begun shipping the Dexcom G5 to Medicare beneficiaries who meet coverage requirements for continuous glucose monitoring, according to news reports. CMS in January classified “therapeutic” CGMs as DME, paving the way for coverage if certain criteria are met. In July, Dexcom reached an agreement with Ascensia Diabetes Care to bundle Ascensia's ContourNext One glucose monitoring system with the G5. CMS has set a one-time fee of $236 to $277 for the CGM receiver,...

Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), Dexcom G5, Diabetes Supplies

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CMS says CGMs cannot be used with other technology

March 30, 2017HME News Staff

WASHINGTON - Medicare beneficiaries using Dexcom's G5 Mobile continuous glucose monitoring system cannot use smartphone apps or tablets to display glucose data if they want to have the CGM device reimbursed, according to recently released guidance from CMS. If a beneficiary uses a non-DME device (smart phone, tablet, etc.) as the display device, either separately or in combination with the CGM receiver classified as DME, the supply allowance is non-covered. CMS in January said it would classify...

Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), Dexcom G5

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Diabetes in the news, in my life

February 2, 2017Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

CGMs are all around me. Ads for the Dexcom G5, in particular, keep popping up on websites. I am guessing this is because I Googled it while writing a story about Medicare's recent decision to start paying for certain CGMs (the Dexcom currently being the only one that meets the criteria at this time). I also met with a new CDE at the diabetes center this week. “Have you ever considered getting an insulin pump?” asked Sarah the CDE. (Syringes are so 1980s.) I get asked this every year or...

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