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Parachute Health empowers adoption

October 1, 2021Liz Beaulieu, Editor

PRINCETON, N.J. – Parachute Health has made it easier for HME providers to get buy in from referral sources on e-prescribing.   The company has developed a five-part onboarding process that providers can use with referral sources to show them how to use its platform to select products, build documentation, retrieve signatures and other tasks, says Brandon Zaharoff, vice president of strategy, marketing and data.  “Because of the pandemic, everyone knows they can’t...

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Ventec adds Parachute Health’s e-prescribing platform

September 30, 2021HME News Staff

BOTHELL, Wash. – Ventec Life Systems has integrated its VOCSN group of ventilators with Parachute Health’s e-prescribing platform. “Streamlining care for patients is at the heart of Ventec Life Systems, and we are proud to support innovative technology such as the Parachute Platform to provide greater access to the benefits of integrated respiratory care provided through the VOCSN group of ventilators,” said Jim Alwan, president and CEO of Ventec Life Systems. “And with...

e-prescribing, Parachute Health, Ventec Life Systems, VOCSN

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Clint Geffert


DMEScripts adds muscle behind e-prescribing

September 24, 2021Liz Beaulieu, Editor

INDIANAPOLIS – The founding investors behind DMEscripts believe their unique alliance will make a big difference in selling referral sources on e-prescribing, an obstacle to adoption so far.  Apria Healthcare, Lincare, AdaptHealth and Rotech Healthcare, along with AAHomecare and VGM & Associates, launched DMEscripts, an industry backed e-prescribing platform that’s open to any provider, in September.  “That’s the thesis under the whole thing,” said Dan...

aahomecare, Apria, DMEScripts, e-prescribing, Home Medical Equipment, VGM

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‘The benefits of e-prescribing are numerous’

September 17, 2021Liz Beaulieu, Editor

YARMOUTH, Maine – There are signs the tide may be turning on e-prescribing, according to an HME Newspoll.  About 32% of respondents to the poll say they’re using e-prescribing compared to only 17% in a past poll in early 2020. Additionally, 55% of respondents to the new poll say they plan to adopt e-prescribing within the next year.  “e-prescribing ensures complete, accurate documentation on the first pass, promoting efficiency for the DME and the referral,”...

COVID-19, e-prescribing, Home Medical Equipment

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Dank Starck


New alliance speeds up e-prescribing adoption

September 8, 2021HME News Staff

INDIANAPOLIS – A group of investors that includes AAHomecare, VGM & Associates, AdaptHealth, Apria Healthcare, Lincare and Rotech Healthcare have aligned to form DMEscripts, an independent e-prescribe company.  DMEscripts will use proprietary e-prescribe software to operate an open network for any DME supplier to join at no cost to prescribers and patients, the group says.  “I am thrilled at the collective energy of fellow industry leaders in embracing this digital transformation,...

AdaptHealth, Apria Healthcare, DMEScripts, e-prescribing, Lincare, Rotech

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On the Editor's Desk

The T word

October 12, 2020Liz Beaulieu, Editor

It wasn't intentional, but nearly every session at the virtual HME News Business Summit in September stressed the importance of providers leveraging technology to not only improve care but also make their businesses more efficient and profitable. Sure, technology creeps up at the Summit every year and it's often the focus of a session or two, but never has it so dominated our entire event. There were sessions at the Summit that I knew would focus on technology, like the keynote by Dr. Jacob Warren...

e-prescribing, HME News Business Summit, Remote monitoring, Telehealth

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Providers hold back on e-prescribing

February 6, 2020Liz Beaulieu, Editor

YARMOUTH, Maine - There's a lot of runway for the adoption of e-prescribing, according to a recent HME Newspoll.Only 17% of the respondents to the poll reported that they currently use an e-prescribing solution from Parachute Health, GoScripts, DMEhub or another vendor, saying prescribers need to lead the charge.“The adoption by the prescribers and their staff is not there yet,” wrote one respondent.During a recent meeting, industry stakeholders, including providers, tried to convey to...


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Is e-prescribing at a stalemate?

January 10, 2020Liz Beaulieu, Editor

WASHINGTON - AAHomecare's Kim Brummett and a group of providers recently briefed a CMS contractor on why there isn't greater adoption of e-prescribing platforms for HME.“They didn't understand what the challenges are, so it was eye opening,” said Brummett, vice president of regulatory affairs for AAHomecare. “If they can impart to CMS what those are, that might help further adoption.”The CMS contractor, Scope Infotech, a CMS Strategic Partners Acquisition Readiness Contractor...

aahomecare, Brummett, e-prescribing

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Smart Talk

E-prescribing: Show them the way

September 3, 2019David Gelbard

A. In speaking with many caregivers and with many clinicians, it is clear that many can be hesitant about embracing new technology, especially ones that involve sharing their own personal information. Rightfully so, clinicians are protective about what information is shared with others. They devote their lives to helping others and don't want to feel taken advantage of. But over the years, it is also true that clinicians are becoming more receptive to technology. Whether it's via legislation or by...

David Gelbard, e-prescribing, Parachute Health

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Smart Talk

E-prescribing: Understand technology at hand

July 25, 2019David Gelbard

A. Technology but it can sometimes be overwhelming to manage all of the different workflows that come with embracing new technologies. Sometimes, even if a new tool seems useful, the headache of managing all of the different applications can negate the tool's benefits. A new technology is only useful if it does something new and different to improve your workflow. If your current workflow can accomplish 90% of what the new technology can offer, you have to determine if that 10% is worth learning...

David Gelbard, e-prescribing, Parachute Health

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