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Ascensia, Dr. Oz team up to empower people with diabetes

May 12, 2017Kelly Bothum

PARSIPPANY, N.J. - Dr. Mehmet Oz has given Ascensia Diabetes Care a big boost in its efforts to educate people about diabetes and help the nearly 30 million Americans with the disease better manage their condition.Ascensia is partnering with The Dr. Oz Showfor a 60-day diabetes challenge that focuses on the importance of regularly testing blood glucose levels and maintaining a healthy diet.“Diabetes is a huge issue in the U.S.—it's reached epidemic levels,” said Robert Schumm, vice...

Ascensia Diabetes Care, Diabetes, Dr. Oz, Glucometer

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Specialty Providers

Mail order: What about the meters?

August 23, 2013Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

Medicare beneficiaries have a reputation for being a change-resistant bunch, but so far, many have proved willing to switch to a new brand of diabetes supplies under the national mail-order program, say providers.“I think they are prepared that they may have to change,” said Mike Iskra, CEO of Diabetes Care Club, a contract supplier. “We offer a good number of products, but there are some big names we aren't offering. Many will say, 'OK, what do you have?'”Although program...

Diabetes Supplies, Glucometer, National mail-order program

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Nominate your celebrity spokesperson here

August 3, 2009Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

It's not often diabetes and all its related accoutremonts elicits screams of happiness and fainting (low blood-sugars aside). But teen heartthrob Nick Jonas has been raising his profile on the awareness front for Type 1 diabetes. He spoke last month in DC and this month will address the National Press Club. Personally, I am not a fan of the kid's music (If you saw the Jonas Brothers' Grammy performance with Stevie Wonder you're probably still cringing over their rendition of "Superstition"). But,...

Bayer, Competitive Bidding, e-SP, Glucometer, Nick Jonas, Type 1 Diabetes

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