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Is the NSC backlog easing up?

March 31, 2010Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

The call came in around 3 this afternoon. "Theresa, do you remember me?" asked the caller. "I just got my billing number reinstated, but only to March 27. What about all those other months of rental on my equipment?" That provider's lawmaker had written a letter on his behalf and within two weeks he had his number back, although he is still seeking to bill retroactively the date he relinquished it. Meanwhile, the volume of calls to the National Supplier Clearinghouse Advisory Committee has dwindled,...

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Executive Session

Memo to NSC: Mr. Blue says this is no way to live your life

March 5, 2010Mike Moran

Be warned: This story could get your blood boiling and ruin your weekend. A provider called me up the other day with another horror story about the NSC. As you no doubt know, a bunch of HME providers voluntarily revoked their supplier numbers last fall, when it became apparent they would not be accredited by the Oct. 1, 2009. They did that expecting that the NSC would reinstate their numbers once they became accredited. Unfortunately, like the provider who called me, they have no idea when the NSC...

Chuck Fierce, Executive Session, NSC

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NSC update: Score one for the little guy

February 24, 2010Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

I just got off the phone with a very-relieved Brad Watkins, a provider in Oregon who has been battling the NSC to get his billing number reinstated. Brad got word today from the industry's least-favorite agency telling them he has been reinstated and can bill retroactively back to Sept. 30. He had to throw some weight around. "In order for our app to get through NSC we had two congressional inquiries from our representative and a senator," said Watkins. "The same day I heard they were looking into...

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Has the NSC got your number?

February 22, 2010Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

What's going on over at the NSC (Not Synergistic with CMS)? We ran a story last month about providers whose Medicare supplier numbers have been in limbo for months. Some had their numbers revoked; some gave them up until they could complete their accreditation surveys or obtained surety bonds. I have received several calls in the past couple of weeks from providers still seeking answers, or, better yet, their billing privileges. Trust me: that makes us sit up and take notice. It would seem the NSC...

Accreditation, e-SP, Medicare, Medicare, NSC, surety bond

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No accreditation or surety bond? No problem. Here's a million bucks.

January 21, 2010Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

I just came across yet another article on Medicare fraud. The story lead off with—wait for it—a fake DME provider in Miami. An article by Mark Potter on reads: "After knocking on the door, calling the office number and peering through the mail slot, they found no one inside the 250-square-foot facility, which had only a desk and a few medical supplies on shelves along the wall. "The equipment on the wall certainly wouldn't justify one percent of what's billed to Medicare," said...

Accreditation, e-SP, Medical supplies, NSC, Office of Inspector General (OIG), surety bond

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Unaccredited pharmacies hang tight

October 5, 2009Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

While the community pharmacy industry waits to see what happens with a last minute Congressional push to extend the accreditation deadline for pharmacies, there is confusion over what they should do in the meantime. See previous blog for some details from the National Community Pharmacists Association. In particular: If a pharmacy has voluntarily terminated from Medicare Part B OR has “stepped down” on their 855S form and NSC HAS NOT processed your application, you can continue to bill...

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