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Executive Session

If I'm an idiot, what is CMS?

June 14, 2010Mike Moran

A few weeks ago, I was sitting at my desk at HME News' world headquarters here in Yarmouth, Maine, when as often happens, my phone rang. I picked up the receiver and said, "Hello, this is Mike." The woman on the other end identified herself as the DME trainer for Jurisdictions A&B. She worked, she told me, for National Government Services (the Jurisdiction B MAC, which serves 19,500 DME suppliers) and also for the NHIC (the J14 MAC for New England). She seemed very nice and very competent. After...

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Executive Session

Hello, HME News? This is the GAO, and we have some questions about oxygen

September 8, 2009Mike Moran

This morning, little old me, the humble executive editor of HME News, spent 40 minutes on the phone with four Government Accountability Office officials, answering questions about Medicare oxygen. порно аниме онлайн зрелые письки Unstable Fables: Goldilocks & 3 Bears Show divx I felt kind of important. I mean, I'm usually the one who calls government officials to ask questions. They never call me. Never. So this was a first. In case you don't know, the GAO is "the investigative...

Executive Session, straight dope

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