AAH makes membership a priority

Monday, September 30, 2002

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - With approximately 800 corporate members, the American Association for Homecare is not an insignificant player in the health care sector. But in its goal to bring more unity and a stronger voice to all elements of the home care sector, AAHomecare wants to see its roster grow considerably.

Enter Matt Korzan, in the newly created position of membership sales manager.

"Matt will ensure that existing members and potential members all know the value of AAHomecare's programs and services," said James Jorkasky, senior vice president, membership and strategic development, in late August. "We've spent the last year developing strong legislative positions, active councils, national press outreach, a first-rate Web site and valuable educational programs. Matt will make it clear that now is the time for every provider to be part of the national association."

Although the roughly 800-member organization represents 3,000 provider locations, each of which has a voice in advocating and voting in AAHomecare activities, neither Korzan or Jorkasky are satisfied with that figure.

"As far as we're concerned, the sky's the limit," Jorkasaky said. "Various reports place the number of providers that could be part of our organization, from DMEs to home health nursing operations, as high as 10,000."

"And I won't be satisfied until we've taken the AAHomecare message to every company out there that falls under the AAHomecare umbrella," Korzan added. HME