A&D pumps up retail efforts

Saturday, December 31, 2005

MILPITAS, Calif. - When it comes to packaging blood pressure monitors, A&D Medical has a new take on what consumers desire, and it's not a box "flowered up with happy smiling faces of doctors and other healthcare providers," said Sarah Schiltz, director of marketing.
"These consumers have either recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure or hypertension or they are poorly controlled," Schiltz said. "They are scared and want to have the package reflect ease of use and accuracy."
The company's packaging for its LifeSource brand products--based on feedback from consumer focus groups--does just that, Schiltz said.
A&D unveiled the new packaging in November with the goal of strengthening its presence in the homecare retail market. The redesign goes hand in hand with the rise in obesity and its comorbidities--cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension. Because of education and publicity surrounding these diseases, more people, including more women, are being diagnosed at an earlier age.
"There are more consumers than ever before looking for diagnostic tools," Schiltz said. "The consumer demographics have changed, and we wanted to reach out and understand what is driving it and what are they looking for in the category."
During its focus groups, A&D discovered that most consumers are not aware of particular brands. When it comes to packaging for blood pressure monitors, consumers want proof of accuracy, and they want to see the product, Schiltz said.
A&D's packaging highlights the monitor and provides information based on U.S. guidelines that demonstrate its clinical effectiveness and accuracy.
"Our packaging reflects what is of interest to the consumer, and how it will better help them control their disease," she said.
All 17 of A&D's LifeSource products, including digital thermometers, stethoscopes and personal scales, have received new packaging.