Advacare acquisition 'cements' USM's leading position in Kansas City

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ST. LOUIS - United Seating and Mobility (USM) announced its acquisition of Advacare Mobility & Seating in June, bringing its total number of locations to 40. 

Advacare Mobility & Seating has 19 employees in three locations: Topeka, Kan., Wichita, Kan. and Kansas City, Mo. 

"We organize around basic strategic initiatives," said Bob Gouy, USM president and CEO. "One is to be in a marketplace where we can be a leading company."

Acquiring Advacare's Kansas City location in particular fulfills that strategy.

USM already has a location in Kansas City, and the two facilities will merge, said Gouy, as will Advacare and USM's facilities in Topeka. 

"We're a pretty strong competitor in that market already," said Gouy. "Advacare allowed us to consolidate and it really cements our position."

Gouy plans to keep Advacare's employees, transitioning them under the USM name. 

"Fortunately, we do business very similarly," said Gouy. "It's all about the patient, customer service and support in the field."

Gouy plans to switch the order processing systems to USM's platform, saying the change will allow for more efficient paperwork process, but few other changes need to be made. 

"They're a similar company-a long history in the business, great employees-and we're excited to bring them onto our team," said Gouy.

Jerry Stevens, president and founder of Advacare, will stay on as a director with the responsibility of acquisition integration.