All Med exports capitation to the Carribean

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

MIAMI LAKES, Fla. - Clinical Medical Services recently signed a four-year capitation deal with MMM Healthcare to provide DME products and services to 60,000 managed Medicare beneficiaries in Puerto Rico.

“Capitation is moving to the Carribean,” said Raul Rodriguez, president and CEO of All-Med Services of Florida, parent company of Clinical Medical.

Clinical is now transitioning patients from four contracted providers and more than 283 non-participating DME suppliers on the island, according to Rodriguez. He said there are 600,000 Medicare beneficiaries in Puerto Rico. Prior to the new deal, MMM was paying its DME subcontractors at 100% of the Medicare fee schedule, said Rodriguez.

“When I came around with a marketing presentation on capitation, these guys jumped at the opportunity,” said Rodriguez. “They said are you for real. Then they said when can we start.”