AmeriCare shows its true color: green

Thursday, July 31, 2008

TROY, Mich.--It’s easy being green at AmeriCare Medical, which has seen a 60% reduction in its garbage, thanks to a new recycling initiative.

“The byproducts of providing care are just an enormous waste,” said Stacey Murphy, corporate development.

“We felt it was time to become a leader.”

AmeriCare is the parent company of Detroit-based Sun Medical, AmeriStaff Nursing and Rx iV Infusion Pharmacy. The provider has a new “greencare” logo that it will use to market itself to clients and raise awareness on reducing society’s impact on the environment.

Company President Greg Jamian is a former elected official who, working with environmental groups, became interested in greener practices.

“Our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability extends far beyond the medical products that we supply,” he said.

Murphy said the company started with small changes, like recycling bins in all its offices.

Other steps include temperature management-thermostats throughout the company’s five facilities are now set at a moderate 67 degrees-and rewarding employees who carpool with gas cards. The company is considering four 10-hour workdays to reduce employee gas consumption and plans to purchase three E85 vehicles, which run on an ethanol-fuel mix.

“We try to make it fun,” she said. “With the temperature, we put it to a vote. If employees take initiative (with earth-friendly ideas), there’s a bonus.”