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Ascensia, Dr. Oz team up to empower people with diabetes

Ascensia, Dr. Oz team up to empower people with diabetes

PARSIPPANY, N.J. - Dr. Mehmet Oz has given Ascensia Diabetes Care a big boost in its efforts to educate people about diabetes and help the nearly 30 million Americans with the disease better manage their condition.

Ascensia is partnering with The Dr. Oz Showfor a 60-day diabetes challenge that focuses on the importance of regularly testing blood glucose levels and maintaining a healthy diet.

“Diabetes is a huge issue in the U.S.—it's reached epidemic levels,” said Robert Schumm, vice president and managing director of Ascensia Diabetes Care. “We're always looking for ways to raise awareness for people with diabetes. Dr. Oz was very engaged and enthusiastic about the topic. It seemed like a great opportunity to reach that broader audience.”

Dr. Oz kicked off the “Take Charge” challenge on the April 26 episode of his show by talking about glucose testing and listening to people with diabetes talk about some of the changes they have made.

As part of the challenge, Ascensia is giving away 1,000 of its Contour Next One glucose meters to people who visit to participate in the challenge. The Contour glucose meters link with a smart meter and app, allowing users to transmit and record their blood sugar via their mobile devices.

“When we talk to nurse educators, they say the patient is more likely to forget their meter than forget their phone,” Schumm said. “Connectivity is certainly the first step in the progression of disease management in general. Once you have the information, there is more that can be done with it.”

Schumm said the challenge provides people with diabetes the chance to take control of their own health. The group atmosphere, bolstered by the involvement of Dr. Oz, increases accountability and gives people a relatable experience.

“The challenge is a structured approach to being aware of diet, as well as for people with diabetes, being aware of blood sugar,” Schumm said. “Being part of that, having that goal and be engaged with others is certainly key aspect of that.”


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